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Fort Collins Lawn Irrigation Services

ELFScapes Irrigation division offers turnkey service, from the initial system design, to complete installation and service. We provide irrigation systems on all our new landscape and landscape renovation projects.

Our main focus is on landscape water use. Did you know that landscape water usage typically consumes more than one third of a municipality's total treated water use?

Reducing treated water waste has numerous benefits, including a healthier landscape, reduced average daily water demand, reduced runoff and erosion, preservation of roadbeds, reduced energy costs and reduced CO2 emissions.

ELFScapes also offers the following Fort Collins lawn irrigation services for new and existing lawns:

  • Spring Activations/Winterizations (Blow-Outs)
  • Sprinkler Repairs
  • Extension or Reduction of Existing Systems
  • Drip Irrigation
  • Water Usage Audits*
  • Corrective Action Planning-That Outlines Water Conservation Techniques*
  • ROI Analysis*
  • Computer Controlled Water-Management Systems*

*Coming Soon…
(Large Residential & Commercial Properties Only, For Services With Asterisk*)

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